It's the year-end once again, and the Sabarimala shrine in Kerala has opened its door to welcome its devotees on the first day of 'Vrischikom' - the fourth month in the Malayalam calendar.

The temple's annual Mandala-Makaravilakku pooja has officially started on the 16th November and the pilgrimage season will last for the next two-month.

Sabarimala's chief priest AK Sudheer Namboothiri opened the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, and thousands of devotees rushed to join the prayers of their beloved Lord Ayyappan.

It is reported that the temple has made over Rs3,32,55,986 (approximately RM1.9 million) on the first day of the pilgrim season.

Furthermore, it was also announced that the temple will open until 27th December for the Mandalapooja, and will reopen from 30th December until 20th January for the Maravilakku festival.