Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has warned of the possibility of a third wave of COVID-19 infections in the country, if the people continued to flout the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set.

"We recorded 120 cases (between July 19 and July 25) and the emergence of new clusters. The new clusters are like burning embers and those who do not follow the SOP are akin to fuel," he was reported saying by the New Straits Times, at a COVID-19 briefing yesterday.

As such, people who fail to adhere with the SOPs may contribute to an exponential increase in the number of cases, he warned.

The people can still control the "burning embers" in the early stage, by wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing, which have been proven to break the COVID-19 infection chain by 60 and 65 percent, respectively, Noor Hisham said.

"Practice these measures to protect ourselves from being infected. During, the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), the Health Ministry allowed Malaysians to return to daily life on condition that they adhere to the SOP.

"If they fail to do so, it is not impossible to have a third wave," he reportedly cautioned.

Malaysia has had an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the past week, after a consecutive period of single digit infections in the first week of July.

So far, there are 8,904 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 124 deaths from the disease in the country.

Globally, the number of COVID-19 infections have surpassed 16.6 million, and 656,000, respectively.

Source: NST
Photo source: Astro Awani