It is renowned fact that dogs are loyal companions to men. Some, in fact, can even save lives.

One such example is Anandaveli - an eight-month-old pooch from Perak which saved its owners from a house on fire.

The Malay Mail reported that the incident happened at 5am on Wednesday at the family home in Eastern Garden, Teluk Intan.

After spotting a fire break out at a portion of the house, the puppy started pulling the hair of its owner A. Vimala, and when that failed to wake her up, Anandaveli nibbled on her owner's face and ear.

Initially thinking that the puppy was just thirsty, Vimala told the puppy to get the water at the kitchen herself.

"But when she continied to pull on my clothes, I got up to see the middle section of my house, which housed the praying altar, was on fire," the mother of three was quoted telling the daily.

Vimala immediately woke her family up and rushed to safety.

According to her, Anandaveli had almost died when it was born, and she had nursed the puppy back to health, and even bottle fed her.

Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu paid the family a visit recently to present financial aid and provisions, and also pledged to help the family make alternative housing arrangements.

Impressive indeed Anandaveli. The pooch has proved that dogs are indeed man's best friend.

Source& Photo source: Malay Mail