The Ipoh High Court today denied leave to kindergarten teacher M. Indira Gandhi to begin contempt proceedings against the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) for his failure to locate and return her daughter Prasana Diksa.

Judicial Commissioner Bhupindar Singh Gurcharan Singh Preer denied the application without any order as to cost after hearing submissions from both parties, reported The Star.

According to Indira's lawyer L. Pavitra, an appeal will be filed against the decision.

Indira, who was also present at court, said she was disappointed with the decision, which she had anticipated.

"Many politicians have been giving me empty promises.

"As a mother, I have waited for too long, I have my right to see my daughter," the portal quoted her saying.

Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) chairman Arun Dorasamy also lamented the lack of any progress in the case, and the lax cooperation from the police.

"A special task force was set up by the former IGP to locate Prasana, but we don’t know if that task force still exists.

"We will not relent until Prasana is reunited with Indira. This 'Iron Lady' will not rest, and continue to fight until she has her baby in her arms," he was reported saying.

Indira's ex-husband K. Pathmanathan, who took on the name Muhammad Riduan Abdullah after his conversion to Islam, ran away with Prasana Diksa in 2009, when the child was still 11-months-old.

In addition, he also unilaterally converted their three children to Islam. Following a custody battle, Indira was officially granted custody of the children, but Riduan and Prasana where nowhere to be found.

In 2014, the High Court ordered the police to recover Prasana and return her to Indira, and also arrest Riduan, but there has not been any progress so far.

Aside from filing contempt proceedings against the police for failing to comply to the court order, Indira also separately filed a RM100 million civil suit against the IGP, the police, and the government, over inaction on the matter.

Source: The Star
Photo source: The Star