Returning a found wallet can be considered a rarity nowadays, let alone driving over 200 kilometres to do so.

However, that's what exactly a Malaysian Grab driver called K Sateesh had done, by driving all the way from Malacca to Johor Bahru to return a wallet left behind a Singaporean passenger earlier.

The tale was related by the passenger - Carney Mak, on the JB TRACER: Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community Service Report Facebook page on Monday.

According to Mak, he had misplaced the wallet in the Grab ride driven by Sateesh in Johor Bahru about 9pm on Saturday, and only realised it when he wanted to pay for dinner later.

Mak immediately lodged a report on the Grab app enroute to Singapore, and shortly after he reached home, Sateesh called him to inform that he found the wallet, and since it was already past midnight, he will come to pass Mak the wallet at evening the following day.

On Sunday, Sateesh drove over 200km from Malacca, to the JB Sentral Caltex petrol station, to return Mak's wallet with several hundred Singapore dollars and Mak's cards, still intact.

Mak told China Press later that he was lucky that none of the passengers who got on Sateesh's car later found the wallet and took it.

As a sign of gratitude for Sateesh's honesty, Mak has invited Sateesh and his family for an all-expenses paid one-week trip to Singapore, during the upcoming Chinese New Year, reported Malay Mail.

The episode has revived his believe in humanity, Mak added.

Kudos to Sateesh! He has proved that honesty does indeed, go a long way!

Source: Facebook, Malay Mail
Photo source: Facebook