A three-year-old girl was buried alive in a cemetery by her mother and maternal grandmother in Bihar's Saran district in India, on Monday morning.

Thankfully, the girl's cries for help were eventually heard by villagers and she was rescued before it was too late.

According to reports, some women picking wood near the cemetery when they heard muffled screams.

Fearing the sound was made by ghosts, the women initially fled the scene, but later came back with some villagers to find the source of the screams.

It was then they found the victim buried alive, with clay stuffed in her mouth to keep her from crying for help.

The girl told the villagers that her name was Lali and named her parents but could not mention the name of her village.

She also told that she was taken to the cemetery by her mother and grandmother, who later stuffed clay into her mouth before burying her alive.

The poor child was taken to a nearby hospital, where she is reportedly in a stable condition, and the police are tracking down her parents.

It is unclear what caused the family to resort to such cruel measure.

Source: timesnownews.com
Photo source: Shutterstock