Instant noodles are a part of our modern lives nowadays, especially for people who want to keep nourished, but do not have the time to cook, or sit and eat out.

But there is a truth to the saying in Tamil "Alavukku meerinal amirthamum nanju", which roughly translates into too much of anything is good for nothing.

A man in India can attest to that. He had filed for divorce from his wife after the woman only served him cup noodles for every meal, daily.

The bizarre case was highlighted by former Principal District Judge of Ballari, ML Raghunath, to the New Indian Express recently, when speaking about divorce cases caused by petty issues.

According to him, the husband for frustrated after finding out that the wife did not know to cook anything elese apart from instant noodles, and the couple eventually got divorced through mutual consent.

That is not the only unusual case Raghunath had dealt with. Other reasons cited for divorce include not putting salt on the plate correctly, wearing the wrong coloured wedding suit, and not taking the wife out enough.

According to Raghunath, divorce cases are drastically increasing over the years, especially in urban areas, where the women are more educated and financially independent, with some of them happening as soon as the wedding ceremony ends.

According to the current law, couples have to stay together for at least a year, before filing for a divorce. Otherwise, people would be filing petitions directly from wedding halls, he quipped.

A bizarre case indeed. What other reasons for divorce have you heard of?

Photo source: pexels, unsplash