Politeness and honesty has changed a delivery rider's life for the better after his virtues were highlighted by a customer in a now-viral Facebook post.

Aiman Manan, 30, the chief executive of healthcare and supplements company Natura, wrote on Oct 11 about his experience of having his Grab Food order delivered by the rider, 26-year-old Ganesh Murthi.

"What caught me is the fact that the boy was really well spoken and polite. We had a little chat when he told he's also doing delivery job.

"So I told him that we have Natura delivery everyday and that if he could cover the Klang Valley area. So we tried his service a couple of times and this guy was pin point (sic) with his timing. Never once late and when we cross checked with our customers, they said similar things too. Well spoken, polite and on time," Aiman said, adding that Ganesh also never failed to inform his customers of any unforeseen delays.

Ganesh now splits his time between delivering Natura products via his own delivery service company, GRS Delivery Service, and working for Aiman in managing the company's inventory and orders, for a fixed pay.

"Only thing he needs to do is plan his day accordingly. I believe hustle is the way to go and Ganesh is capable of doing so," wrote Aiman.

Aiman's post has since gone viral, with more than 9,000 likes, over 2,900 shares, and 738 comments.

According to Aiman, Ganesh had a tough time growing up, with his father leaving the family when he was still young.

His mother came from a poor family and never went to school.

Ganesh had to drop out of school after Form 3 and got a jo as a delivery rider with McDonald's to support his family. He spent 7 plus years here, where he reportedly said he was taught to always be polite, corteous and humble by his supervisors and managers.

Neither Aiman nor Ganesh expected the overwhelming response the former's Facebook post would garner.

According to the New Straits Times (NST), Ganesh has received many messages and calls since the post went viral.

"Not only are people praising Aiman for acknowledging my work ethic, perseverance and diligence, but many wanted to engage me for my delivery services and I am very thankful," he was quoted saying.

In another Facebook post put up yesterday, Aiman wrote that since the post went viral, the delivery service requests received by Ganesh have gone up from 4 to 6 daily to 30-40 orders every day.

"He was also contacted by big companies on the possibility to partner on a long-time basis.

"This has not only boosted his confidence but has made such a huge impact on his family. Interestingly, he is recognized by many people, including a banker who offered help when he was difficulty opening a current account recently."

Hearing Ganesh's story, a friend of Aiman called Benny James, gifted Ganesh a car to use, for free, late last month!

Bravo to Ganesh, and kudos to Aiman for highlighting his story.

This proves that helping each other goes beyond race, religion or skin colour.

May both men's friendship and respective businesses continue to flourish further and inspire others along the way!

Source: Aiman Manan Facebook, NST
Photo source: Aiman Manan Facebook, NST