Most parents nowadays have the habit of giving mobile phones to their children, including toddlers, to keep the latter occupied.

However, it pays to keep tabs on what the little ones are engrossed on, unless one wants to end up like a father in Jilin, China recently.

The man ended up with a huge bill, and a massive headache, after his three-year-old daughter accidentally ordered 100 times more food than expected.

According to reports, the girl was feeling hungry and decided to use her father's phone to order some noodles. However, she accidentally entered two extra zeros at the back of the order, which was supposed to be a single bowl of noodle.

The father got a shock when the delivery man soon arrived with 100 bowls of noodle - something the latter had to make seven to eight trips back and forth from his delivery vehicle for, to the house on the 13th floor.

In the end, the family had to fork out RMB1,350 (RM868.63) to pay for the noodles, and could only manage to eat eight of the bowls.

The remaining 92 bowls were then given to the cleaners at the apartment building, the elderly and passers-by for free.

As the father reprimanded the toddler for causing the headache, the little tot sheepishly grinned and replied that "she was hungry".

This story reminds us that although it is fine to give devices to the little ones occasionally, it is best to lock applications that involve online orders and financial transactions, so that incidents like this do not happen to us.

Photo source:, News Asia Today