Waking up at 6am daily can get torturous to most schoolgoing children and some adults alike.

However, waking up in the wee hours of the day is certainly no bother to 12-year-old Sangeeta Retnakumar. She wakes up a 4am, 4 times a week, to practice ice skating, and then shoot off to school.

Thanks to her dedication to the craft, the SK Pusat Bandar Puchong 2 won five gold medals at the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Asia Final Championship which concluded last Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to The Star, Sangeeta participated and won in the Freestyle 4, Solo Comp F4, Footwork F4, Open F5 Silver and Drama Sport FS4 events. Some 128 participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines took part in the competition.

Sangeeta, who represented Sunway Pyramid Ice Academy in the tournament, picked up ice skating aged just 7, and has won many medals in the years since.

Her father A Retnakumar takes her for training, after she rises as early as 4am, 4 times a week, and then to school.

The petite lass had been bestowed the Tokoh Harapan Kokurikulum award for her achievements.

Sangeeta's ambition is to qualify for the Winter Olympics, and she has the full backing from Retnakumar and her mother Gayateri, despite the various challenges that comes, including how expensive the sport can be.

"This sport is very expebsive in terms of coaching fees, shoes, costumes, cost for travelling to competitions and so on. We really hope she can get sponsors so she can achieve her dream of becoming an Olympian," Retnakumar was quoted saying.

Kudos to Sangeeta, and her parents as well! It is inspiring, what she has achieved in such a young age. Let's hope that her talent will be noticed by potential sponsors, or even the Youth and Sports Ministry, so that she can take her achievements to greater heights.

Source: The Star
Photo source: The Star