Riding a scooter under the scorching hot sun and the pelting rain, on potholed roads across four states, may sound like the ultimate nightmare for most.

But that's exactly what Indian tribal couple Dhananjay Kumar (27) and his pregnant wife Soni Hembram (22) endured for three days, across 1,200 km, amid India's coronavirus lockdown.

All this just so that Soni could sit for a Diploma in Education exam to become a school teacher.

The couple left their village in Jharkand on a scooter on Aug 28, and reached the examination centre in Gwalior, on Aug 30.

According to Dhananjay, as quoted in reports, they decided to ride the distance as public transportation such as buses and trains were not available during the lockdown, and hiring a taxi was way too expensive.

Dhananjay used to work as a cook but lost his job during the COVID-19 outbreak, so they had to pawn whatever little jewellery they had to be able to make the cross-state journey on the two-wheeler.

Soni was reportedly reluctant to make the journey at first but relented after seeing her husband's determination.

However, all's well ended well for the couple as their plight got noticed and went viral on social media.

The Gwalior authorities have reached out to the couple to hand them cash assistance and have also arranged accommodation and food for them, until the exam finishes on Sept 11.

The district will also conduct medical checks and an ultrasound on Soni, since she is expecting.

Perhaps the best news of all is that the couple does not have to endure a similar ardous journey home when the exams are over.

This is because a foundation has offered flight tickets, and also ground transport for them to reach home safely.

Bravo to Dhananjay and Soni for their determination and perseverance.

They have proven that nothing is impossible if one puts his/her mind into it.

Here's wishing the couple the best for a brighter future ahead.

Source: Hindustan Times
Photo source: Hindustan Times, The New Indian Express