One would assume that caste discrimination could only happen in rural areas, or among the non-educated, in this time and age.

But it does not seem so in the case of Payal Tadvi, a junior doctor from a scheduled tribe community, who was allegedly bullied to the point of suicide, by three of her seniors in a Mumbai hospital.

The 26-year-old named her alleged harrassers in her three-page suicide note, before hanging herself in her hostel room on May 22.

In the note, Payal had said that she had taken the drastic decision as the harassment had "become unbearable."

"I am really sorry mum and dad to take away my own life. I know how much I mean to you all and also you are the world to me. But know at the stage it has become unbearable. I cannot stand a minute with them."

She had also written about how her complaints about the harassment had fallen on deaf ears, at the gynaecology department, where she worked.

"The torture continued to the level that I could not bear. I complained against them (her bulliers), but it had no result.

"I have lost my professional life, personal life, everything because they have declared that they will not let me learn anything as long as they are in the hospital," she had written.

The harassment include her being barred from working in the labour room, and being relegated to clerical work, and often being subjected to caste-based slurs and insults. One of her friends was also subjected to similar treatment, she said.

Saying that she was mentally disturbed by the whole episode, Payal had named the three women as being responsible for her decision.

"I literally do not see any way, but THE END," she had concluded the note, while also apologising to her parents and her friend.

According to her mother, Payal was the first woman from the community to pursue post-graduation, and the first in the family to become a doctor.

Police say that following Payal's suicide, two of the suspects were caught on CCTV visiting her room, and are believed to have destroyed the physical note.

However, forensic experts managed to recover photographs of the suicide note from Payal's phone, which eventually led to the suspects' arrest.

The trio are being held in police custody since their arrests in May, are being probed for abetting suicide and destruction of evidence.

It's a pity that a talent like Payal had been snuffed out at such a young age, all because of caste discrimination, which rightfully belongs in the Neanderthal era.

Let's hope that justice will do its part and duly punish the culprits in this case, regardless of caste, creed, or social standing.

Suicide is never the answer to all your hardships and issues. Think about your family and friends before taking any hasty decisions!

Source: India Today
Photo source: Indian Express