A persistent jaw pain on a 7-year-old in Chennai, India, yielded a shocking find - the boy had a whopping 526 teeth of various sizes in his mouth!

The boy was admitted to the Saveetha Dental College and Hospital last month, after suffering from pain and swelling near his molars in his lower right jaw.

An X-ray that followed showed a sac embedded in his lower jaw, and a surgery was conducted to remove it.

What they found in the sac left the dental experts at the hospital dumbfounded.

"There were a total of 526 teeth ranging from 1 millimetre to 15 millimetres. Even the smallest piece had a crown, root and enamel coat, indicating it was a tooth," Dr Prathiba Ramani, the head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at the hospital, was quoted saying by CNN.

According to her, the rare condition the boy suffered from is called compound composite odontoma, which could be caused by genetic or environmental factors like radiation.

The boy has reportedly suffered swelling in his jaw for several years, but has now been discharged with a "healthy set" of 21 teeth in his mouth, and is expected to make a full recovery, doctors say.

Source: CNN
Photo source: CNN