Today is World Children's Day, as celebrated annually on Nov 20, as gazetted by the United Nations.

These are 10 fun facts about children you may want to know about:

1) The human brain grows rapidly, especially during the early stages of one's life. If a baby's body was able to grow at the same rate as their brain, the average child would weigh as much as 170 pounds (77kg), by the time they are a month old.

2) Studies have shown that physical punishment is detrimental to a child's intellectual development. There is a marked correlation between spanking and lower IQ.

3) Music actually improves a child's ability. Studies have shown that children who enjoy playing musical instruments or sing, greatly increase their math skills, attention span, and hand-eye coordination.

4) Have a school-going kid who's suddenly asking for his her/her room and is reserved about his/her belonging. This is normal as a child's sense of privacy usually beginds around 8 to 9 years old, science says.

5) So your kid is addicted to the screen? Perhaps it's time to wean them off as studies have shown that children who watch more than three hours of video or TV programs a day are more likely to have problems with their emotions, relationships, and conduct, when they reach 7 years of age.

6) Have a child who has problems with his/her eyesight? Get them to step out of the house and play as studies have shown that children who spend more time playing outside have less chances of becoming short-sighted.

7) Identify, and nip bullying at the bud. This is because research have shown that children who undergo frequent bullying suffer from increased depression, anxiety and the risk of suicide. Bullying also stunts a child's development and is likely to affect the child's health and economic standing in the future.

8) Eat as a family, whenever possible. Study has found that children, especially young girls who eat regular familuy meals in a pleasant atmosphere are less likely to develop an eating disorder or become overweight, later on in life.

9) Be sensitive to your child's needs, as studies have shown that children become better in regulating their emotions when they have parents who are more sensitive to their needs, and respond quickly to emotional cues.

10) "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is more than just a phrase. Playing is indeed a powerful and effective way for children to learn life skills. They enable the child to make social connections, expand and use their imagine, and develop language and motor skills.

All said and done, it is the duty of us adult to raise a better next generation to take after us.

Happy International Children's Day to all the little ones!

Photo source: pexels