Today is International Men's Day, as observed worldwide on Nov 19 every year.

It is an occasion to celebrate the achievements and contributions of boys and men, in particular for their contributions to nation, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare.

Below are 10 quick and fun facts about men that you may not know about.

1) A man spends almost a year of his life staring at women. A research by Kodak Lens Vision Centres revealed that the average male aged between 18 and 50 spends about 43 minutes a day looking at 10 different women, which amounts to 259 hours (11 days) each year. In total, this averages to about 11 months and 11 days for admiring girls.

2) Men's skin are about 25 percent thicker than a woman's skin, due to higher testosterone levels.

3) Ever wondered why men can't tell violet and magenta apart from purple? This is because men see can see fewer shades of colour, due to the fact they have fewer retinal cones in their eyes. Despite this, men can sense brightness better than women because they have more testosterone in their visual cortexes.

4) The brains of adult men are about 10 percent larger than that of women. This is because the male brain requires more neuron to control their body, which is of a larger stature and have more muscle mass.

5) Men are almost three times more likely than women to abuse alcohol, and twice as likely to abuse recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

6) Women can multi-task while men can't. This is because men's and women's brains are wired differently, scientists have found. When performing a task, men tend to use only one side of their brain at a time - devoting all attention and concentration on the said task. Women, on the other hand, are capable of using both sides of their brain at the same time, which makes them better multi-taskers.

7) Men age slower (at least physically) than women. This is because men lose collagen levels in their face at a slower rate than women as they age. This could explain how certain Kollywood actors are still playing hero characters with actresses who once appeared as their female leads, now appearing in their sister or mother-in-law characters.

8) Men have faster metabolism rate. They tend to burn more energy daily, even when they are just sitting around, due to their lean muscle tissue.

9) A man spends almost six months in his lifetime shaving

10) Men sweat twice as much as women.

These are just some of the quick facts that Astro Ulagam could sum up to appreciate those who rock the XY chromosomes.

Here's wishing all the boys, youths and men in our lives a very Happy International Men's Day!

Photo source: pexels