Amid the racial and religious rhetorics churned out and fanned by certain politicians, Malaysians are generally a harmonious and helpful bunch.

A recent incident related by netizen T.K Letchumy on Twitter is a testament to that.

She had narrated how several Malay men had come to her rescue when her car suddenly stalled nearby a surau in Ampang, Selangor, last Friday.

According to her, the incident happened when she was rushing home after work, and fetching her children from the daycare centre and her mother-in-law's house.

"My car suddenly stalled in the middle of the road. Only the engine was on but it did not move an inch. I panicked.

"I got even more stressed when the cars behind me started honking. I don't blame them as it was 7.10pm, shortly before 'buka puasa' time, and everyone was rushing home," she said, adding that she called her husband for help.
Her kids started to grow restless, and the situation got worse when a bus started to honk as it was unable to navigate through the road. Letchumy was almost driven to tears by the situation.

It was at this point a man from a nearby surau approached her to ask what was the problem. He then sought help from several of his friends at the surau to push the stalled car to the side of the road and got Letchumy and her kids inside the surau to safety.

At the surau, Letchumy and her children were given ice-cold soya bean juice, although the congregants there had yet to break their fast.

According to Letchumy, several of the congregants even waited until help arrived and her car got fixed, to make sure that she and her kids could leave the location to get safely home.

"I am deeply touched by the help given to me, across racial and religious lines. How beautiful is my beloved Malaysia and my Malaysian family! Thank you, Surau Baitul Ehsan," she wrote, naming the surau involved.

Letchumy's series of tweets on the moving incident had garnered more than 9,500 retweets, and over 17,000 likes.

As a token of appreciation, Letchumy later donated a sum of money to the mosque.

A very touching tale indeed. This incident has proven that no matter how certain parties try to divide and conquer, Malaysians in general are a harmonious and helpful bunch.

Kudos to the brothers who came to the assistance of the mother in need!

Source & Photo source: Twitter.