Netizens are lauding a Malay traffic policeman who went out of his way to rescue an injured dog, in the middle of busy highway traffic.

According to a viral post on the Polis Diraja Malaysia Facebook page, the incident happened on the Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur, this morning.

"Thanks to the traffic policeman from the Shah Alam police headquarters for saving a dog which was injured after being knocked down by a vehicle, at KM13.8 of the Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur, this morning.

"Though busy ensuring the traffic was moving smoothly, (the cop) still helped the dog until it was safe and back on its feet," said the post.

"Every creature on this Earth is utterly precious. Let's do good and love each other, as every living thing deserves to live a peaceful, comfortable life," added the post.

In a series of the photos attached with the post, the policeman can be seen standing beside the dog, which lies injured in the middle of the busy highway, while his motorcycle is parked against the moving traffic to keep vehicles away from the wounded animal.

Another traffic police motorcycle is also seen the screen, possibly that of a second policeman who manned traffic while the rescue operation was in progress.

However, it is unclear what happened to the dog after it was moved away from the traffic.

The said post has gone viral, with more than 23,000 likes, over 5,000 shares and more than 2,200 comments, as at the time this article was written.

Netizens unanimously praised the traffic policeman who rescued the dog despite his religious restrictions.

Bravo indeed! The policeman, whose identity is yet to be revealed, has proven that humanity transcends race, religion, and even species barriers!

Photo source: PDRM Facebook.