A lorry driver is being hailed for his honesty in returning a bag he found, containing valuables to its owner, without expecting anything in return.

The owner of the bag, telecommunications consultant Mohd Izwan Shah Ismail, 38, related to Harian Metro, his experience of misplacing his bag containing his mobile phone, cash, unregistered SIM cards, and the spare keys of two cars, at a parking lot in Taman Seri Sentosa, Klang, in the wee hours of Sept 16.

"I suppose the bag got dropped out about 3am, after I have just returned from a company programme in Jasin, Melaka.

"I totally did not realise the bag had gone missing as I was tired from the long journey, and was sleepy," he told the tabloid.

Mohd Izwan's bag was then found by lorry driver M Shanmugam, who was going to work on his motorcycle, about 6am on the same day.

Based on the name card found in the bag, Shanmugam called Mohd Izwan several times on his other mobile phone, but to no avail.

Mohd Izwan eventually answered the call and met Shanmugam to collect his valuables.

"Actually, Shanmugam and I live in the same housing area but we have never met each other as I return from home at midnight, while he goes out to work early in the morning.

"I thank God for having Shanmugam find my bag," Mohd Izwan said.

According to Mohd Izwan further, Shanmugam even politely declined some cash he offered in return for his noble deed.

"The bag contained 20 unregistered sim cards, a branded company mobile phone, some cash, as well as the spare keys of a Perodua Viva and Toyota Vios.

"We hardly hear of missing items being returned to its owners. Furthermore, if a bad person had found my bag, chances are I would have lost my cars," said Mohd Izwan.

Mohd Izwan, who also does sells clothes, shared his experience on his Facebook page earlier, and the said post had garnered thousands of likes and shares, with netizens unanimously praising Shanmugam's honesty.

Source: Harian Metro
Photo source: Harian Metro