Residents of the Sri Duta 1 apartments in Taman Duta have been evacuated following a landslide that occurred at the base of several of the apartment blocks.

"Ikram (Institut Kerja Raya Malaysia) is looking into the matter and will discuss with DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) and the apartment's management (about a solution).

"DBKL will then inform me about the report (from Ikram)," news portal Free Malaysia Today (FMT) quoted Federal Territories minister Shahidan Kassim as saying.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Azmi Abu Hassan told The Star that so far, no soil movement have been detected in the area, and contractors are currently working on strengthening the building's foundation.

Last week, the DBKL evacuated 34 households from the apartment after the area was deemed to be structurally unsafe due to the soil erosion. Photos of the building sitting precariously on an eroding slope raised concerns after it started circulating on social media.

The Sri Duta apartments is not the first one affected by the recent downpour and floods.

Previously, the Indahria Apartments in Shah Alam, and the Bangsar Indah condominiums were also evacuated after they were deemed to be structurally unsafe.

Source: FMT, The Star
Photo source: Facebook, Malaysiakini