A trio of Johor policemen are winning netizens' hearts after they went the extra mile to save a dog which had given them companionship, for more than a year.

English daily The Star reported about the moving incident involving the three Muslim cops, and the canine, which they have named "Jony".

According to the report, the brown female mongrel had accompanied the men, who have been on duty at the KM16 Jalan Kulai-Kota Tinggi roadblock, set up since the first MCO in March last year.

"One day, she came out of the oil palm plantations nearby and came near our roadblock tent. She never entered the tent and would just sit close by and watch us work daily.

"It became a routine and we would often feed her whatever food we had, such as chicken and rice, as she does not like eating dog food," one the cops, Korporal Mohd Faidzul Ishak, 33, told the daily.

The dog's presence provided comfort to Faidzul and his colleagues Konst Hanif Farhan Mohd Norizan, and Konst Syawaluddin Moslim, come night and day, rain or shine. They often interacted, and even played with the dog, with gloves in their hands.

Then on May 29, tragedy struck. Faidzul received a call from a colleague at midnight, informing that a wounded Jony had been found in some bushes nearby.

Faidzul, as well as Hanif Farhan, and Syawaluddin, immediately rushed to the scene to find Jony with severe wounds to her abdomen and legs, presumably after an accident.

They wrapped the dog in a blanket and rushed her to the Kota Tinggi government veterinary clinic, but the clinic was closed. They even went as far as the vet's house, but was told that the clinic does not perform surgery.

The men then took the animal to the police headquarters and applied some iodine on her wounds, before taking it to a private veterinary clinic the next morning.

They were then told that a surgery to save the dog's leg would thousands of ringgit. Running short of funds, the men turned to social activist Kuan Chee Heng (aka Uncle Kentang) for donations.

Kuan then shared the story on his Facebook and the post went viral - attracting an outpouring of concern from Malaysians.

Jony underwent the first surgery on her leg on June 1, costing more than RM2,000. The cops are now raising more funds to fund a second surgery for the dog, which is expected to cost more than RM2,000 as well.

The dog is now recuperating at farm belonging to Faidzul's friend in Kota Tinggi, and the cops can't wait for their "best friend" to fully recover and go back to keeping them company.

Such an heartwarming story indeed. The three policemen are proof that kindness transcends cultural and religious taboos.

May all of them be blessed with more goodness in return for their humanity.

Source: The Star
Photo source: The Star, Facebook