Johor folks beware! The state currently has the highest daily COVID-19 infectivity rate (Rt/R0) at 1.18, higher than the national rate of 1.09.

According to Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur ranks second highest with 1.12, followed by Labuan (1.11), Terengganu and Selangor at 1.10 each, and Sarawak and Pahang with 1.03 and 1.01, respectively.

The remaining states that recorded Rt below one are Perak (0.99), Melaka (0.96), Kedah and Penang (0.93), Putrajaya (0.90), Negeri Sembilan and Sabah (0.89), Perlis (0.82), and Kelantan the last with 0.84.

Noor Hisham shared the data, which is as of today, via an infographic on his official social media accounts today.

Kadar kebolehjangkitan Covid-19 atau Ro/Rt pada jangkaan mengikut kes seharian pada 3 Februari 2021 untuk seluruh negara adalah 1.09. Manakala pecahan mengikut negeri adalah seperti di lampiran.

Posted by Noor Hisham Abdullah on Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Rt/R0 represents the average number of people infected by one infectious individual.

If the number if greater than 1, the number of those infected will likely to increase exponentially, while a lower number would mean the disease will eventually die down on its own, as there are not enough people to be infected to sustain the outbreak.

Yesterday, 4,284 new COVID cases and 18 deaths were reported, bringing the total number of cases and fatalities in the country to 226,912 and 809, respectively.

All states in the country, except Sarawak, is under the second Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0) until February 18, to contain the spread of the series. However, the number of cases doesn't seem to have gone down since MCO 2.0 was first enforced on January 13.

The global coronavirus infection and death tally has surpassed 104 million and 2.27 million, respectively.

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