Prostate cancer is one of the common cancers in males in Malaysia. More than 60 per cent of the cancer , dubbed the "silent killer" due to the lack of symptoms in the early stages, are diagnosed at an advanced stage (stages three and four).

In order to raise awareness, and to encourage early detection of the disease, Universiti Malaya is organising the Blue Cap x CIMB Virtual Run for Prostate Cancer 2021, in conjunction with the #OnlyMenCan Prostate Cancer Campaign 2021 launched by the university's Urological Trust Fund.

Registration for the virtual run is now open, until Nov 7, while the running period will be from Nov 1 to Nov 30. Submissions of the results will be the same as the latter.

There are four categories in the run - namely 5km, 10km, and 21km for members of the public, as well as 3km for cancer survivors.

Participants are entitled for a running shirt, a 3-ply batik printed face mask and an e-certificate upon successful completion of the race, and all donations will be channeled to the Urological Cancer Trust Fund for prostate cancer initiatives.

The #OnlyMenCan campaign is a recurring event that takes place annually in November, the Men's Health Awareness Month.The key message of this year's campaign that prostate cancer is entirely curable if it's diagnosed in the early stages.

It also aims to promote early testing for men aged 50 years and above, as well as those with family history of prostate cancer, or experience urinary symptoms, as early detection is key to saving lives.

#OnlyMenCan also aims to lower the number of newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer from over 60 per cent to 30 per cent by 2025.

To register for the Blue Cap x CIMB Virtual Run for Prostate Cancer 2021, or to gain more information on the event, please check out

You can also gain more information on the #OnlyMenCan campaign at