Education Minister Maszlee Malik thinks that Tamil film Raatchasi, starring Jyothika, portrays the various policies and changes that is being done by his ministry, to the country's education system.

Taking to his social media channels yesterday, the minister further described the movie as a "must watch with an extraordinary storyline."

"I watched it with my officers. Every scene of the movie, I could with reflect with the situation in our country.

"Geetha Rani (the main character of the movie portrayed by Jyothika) is a 'superhero' headmistres. She shows that huge changes are nothing impossible," he said.

For instance, he cited the free breakfast initiative recently announced by his ministrty.

"This movie reflects my aspirations that goes beyond food, to the extent of seeing teachers having meals together with their students.

"The same goes to dropouts. Geetha manages to rope in all parties to handle student dropout problem, including the police. This is what we are striving for. We want to ensure that 'enforcement' takes place at all levels so that no students gets left out," he wrote, adding that the movie also portrays Geetha constantly engaging with her students' parents to make sure the latter get actively involved in their childrens' education.

"All educators, parents, students should really watch the movie, immediately!"

Raatchasi, which was released last July, is directed by Sy Gowthamraj. Jyothika plays a headstrong headmistress who is bent on implementing policies to improve the situation at a dilapidated government-run school, despite the various threats and challenges thrown her way.

Of late, the movie has gained traction among netizens, especially Malays, who rain praises on the film and its storyline.

Meanwhile, Jyothika and the Raatchasi movie team have thanked Maszlee for his compliments, which had made the team's intention to promote quality in education "global."

Jyothika's husband Surya Sivakumar shared a couple of notes signed off by the actress, and the Raatchasi team on Twitter, on Thursday evening.Raatchasi is currently showing on Astro Thangathirai (Channel 241).

Photo source: Maszlee Malik Facebook,