More than 1,000 residents of four housing areas in Karak, Pahang, are left with no electricity, water supply and network coverage, following a landslide that happened over the weekend.

According to Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel, the houses at the locality have been badly damaged as well, with no help coming their way so far.

"The landslide dumped tonnes of mud on the housing areas. Days later, the residents are still left with no electricity, water supply and even network coverage.

"It is also not possible to clear the mud as there is no water supply," David told Astro Ulagam when contacted.

His NGO has thus far distributed 200 cartons of drinking water, and food items such as biscuits and bread to the stranded residents, but more help is needed, he said.

According to him further, the local authorities have been alerted of the scenario but no one has come to the residents' assistance.

He lamented the lack of attention given to the plight of Karak residents, when all eyes are on Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam, which was also badly hit by recent floods.

Among the items Malaysian Tamilar Kural immediately needs to assist the residents in Karak are pillows, mattresses, blankets and towels, as well as rice cookers, kettles, and gas stoves.

Also needed are sanitary pads, women's underwear and children's clothing and diapers, among others.

If you are interested to assist the affected population in Karak, you can contact David at 019-4123397, or his colleagues Vasanthan at 014-6003185, and Mogilan at 016-7644963.

You can visit Malaysian Tamilar Kural's Facebook page for a clearer picture of the disaster.

Photos source: Malaysian Tamilar Kural Facebook