Are you itching to belt out a few tunes while being confined to home due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown?

If you nodded in agreement, Popsical Karaoke Malaysia has just the right product for you.

Unveiling the NEW Popsical Remix 2, a home karaoke system that can make a Rockstar out of everyone. With this revolutionary system, you do not need a complicated set up to sing your heart out, as all you need is your TV** and smart phone!

All you have to do is connect the device directly to your TV via the HMDI port. However, external speakers/soundbars are still recommended for a better sound experience.

The karaoke streaming device comes with two wireless microphones and a hub which also functions as a charging dock for the microphones. You can control the system from your smartphone or tablet, and once connected, you will have access to more than 230,000 original and cover music videos of old and new, in 14 languages!

Better still, this cloud-based vast library self-updates daily via the internet.

The NEW Popsical Remix 2 not only plays it part; it also looks the part as the sleek and ergonomic device is furnished with a classy look.

Users can download the Popsical Karaoke mobile app for free, to control pitch, volume, echo, reverb, and to select and arrange the song queue. The app also allows multiple users to access it simultaneously.

Users can enjoy RM300 off + three months of free subscription, in addition to free HDMI and free AUX to AUX cables with the purchase of Popsical Remix 2.

Please visit to know more details about this product or head to the Popsical store in Midvalley Megamall to try and test the product yourself!

**External Speakers/sound system is recommended for an optimum sound experience