The white flag movement to help those hit worse by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in the country, is fast gaining momentum, with several businesses jumping into the bandwagon.

Earlier this week, netizens started the #KempenBenderaPutih to help those suffering from financial hardships after losing their source of income during the lockdown. Such conditions have reportedly caused a spike in suicide cases lately.

The campaign, which has been trending on social media, aims to mobilise netizens to provide urgent help, in the form of food supplies, to those who raise the white flag at their homes.

Now, several major businesses have extended a helping hand to the noble campaign.

Entertainment giant Astro has launched the "Kami Care Helpline' via the Astro Radio platform, where listeners can WhatsApp their request for help to radio stations, via dedicated numbers.

Listeners can also send in their requests on behalf of others who need help and all requests should include the name, contact number, home address and a short description of why they need this support.

Delivery of essential kits are done daily and those eligible will be notified directly. Refer HERE for more information.

Also joining the initiative is convenience store chain 99 Speedmart.

In its official Facebook page, the company asked netizens to WhatsApp to 010-500 0099, or send a private message to its Facebook, pictures and addresses of houses that raise the white flag.

The said homes must be located nearby any 99 Speedmart outlet, and essential items will be sent within 24 hours. According to 99 Speedmart, 1,000 packages of groceries are prepared to be given out daily during the two-weeks campaign that runs from July 1 to 14.

Supermarket chain Econsave has also launched a similar campaign, urging netizens to snap pictures of homes with white flags and sending them, together with the address, to Whatsapp number 016-213 7387, or private message their Facebook.

Many other businesses too have volunteered to help during these trying times, but the above are just some of the notable mentions.

It is heartwarming to see fellow Malaysians and even businesses rising up to the challenge, thus restoring our faith on humanity.

Photo source: Astro Awani