Most of us would have experimented with cooking, or self-grooming during the coronavirus lockdown, or just spent the period lazing around.

A woman in Kerala, however, has completed not one or two, but 350 online courses via the 'Coursera' platform in the span of just three months!

Arathi Reghunath, a second-year MSc Biochemistry student from the Elamakkara district, has bagged a world record at the Universal Record Forum (URF) in doing so.

Among the online courses Arathi completed during the lockdown are those offered by the State University of New York, University of Virginia, and the University of Rochester.

According to Aarathi, it was her faculty at college which introduced her into the world of online courses.

"There are a range of courses online. All of them vary in duration and curriculum.

"With the support of my college principal Ajims P Muhammed, Coursera coordinator KG abd class tutor Neelima TK, I managed to finish the courses I signed up for within a few weeks," she was quoted telling the New Indian Express.

It is indeed laudable that Arathi had turned the same lockdown that most people would have cried out about, to her advantage - all in the name of knowledge.

For the record, India has recorded more than 6.8 million COVID-19 cases, and more than 105,000 deaths from the disease.

The global infection and death tally from the coronavirus has surpassed 36.3 million, and one million, respectively.

Source: New Indian Express
Photo source: New Indian Express,