This frightful incident took place at Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand in India to an innocent 3-year-old girl, accompanied by her mother, who was sleeping at the Tatanagar railway station.

While they were sleeping, a man quietly approached the family, and picked up the girl. While CCTV footage picked up the incident, it's disturbing to witness how he simply abducted her in public without anybody noticing.

Soon after, the mother realised her child was missing. Suspecting her partner, who had been sleeping beside her at the station, she went to the police.

Police finally found the child after 2 weeks, dead and decapitated, with her head missing. Three men, including the woman's partner, have been arrested over the incident. The woman's partner was arrested on suspicion of child trafficking while the other two were nabbed for raping and killing the toddler.

They allegedly gang-raped the child for an entire day before strangling her to death because 'she wouldn't stop crying'.

One of the suspects got out of jail recently after serving a sentence for abducting and attempting to kill a child in 2015.

Victim-blaming, unfortunately, happens often in rape cases. Rape victims are scrutinised based on what they wore or how they behaved. Wearing revealing clothes or going out without male company are some of the cultural restrictions women have had to follow to avoid being raped.

So, here's a question to all those who blame rape victims for the injuctice done to them: Can you blame an innocent 3-year-old for being kidnapped, raped and eventually murdered?

Source: Daily Mail & Indian Express
Photo Credit: Daily Mail & YouTube