The Kuil Vizha, which has attracted thousands of primary and secondary school students and unearthed countless talents since its launching in 1996, has returned this year, albeit under new norms.

In a statement, Jaya Bakti Sdn Bhd Managing Director K Selvaraju said that exciting prizes worth more than RM200,000 await participants who join various competitions in language, art, and culture in the 16th instalment of the popular competition.

According to him, among the objectives of holding this year's events are:"The competition will take place from August 18 to 31 online, and the students' works will be assessed by selected judges. Fifteen of the best works will be selected and announced on social media. Next, the selected students will be evaluated through "Likes" on social media, which accounts for 30 per cent, in addition to the 70 per cent given by the judges," said Selvaraju.

The official winners will be announced on September 30, in conjunction with Kuil Magazine's 30th anniversary. Attractive cash prizes and vouchers that await the winners are as below:

Level 1:
First prize- RM300
Second prize - RM200
Third prize - RM100
Consolation prize of RM50 await 4th to 10th place winners.

Level 2:
First prize: RM500
Second prize:RM350
Third prize: RM150
Consolation prize of RM50 await 4th to 10th place winners.

In addition, all participants will also receive an RM10 book voucher each from Jaya Bakti Sdn Bhd, and certificate of participation.

Among the categories that will be contested in the competition are essay writing (in Malay, Tamil and English), public speaking, singing motivational songs, drawing contest, dancing competition, 'Aatichudi' reciting competition, Thirukkural recital, as well as innovation competition.

No fees will be charged for participating in this online competition, and those who would like to know more details can visit for more information on this Festival.