There's only about a year more for J Kirroshnie to complete her medical studies but the lack of funds may deprive her of a degree.

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported the plight of the 26-year-old from Ipoh, Perak, who's currently trying hard to raise funds to stay in college.

According to the report, her father used to make enough working as a medical representative for a pharmacy to support her studies since she began in 2017, but a stroke the same year left him incapacitated.

"He can't drive anymore, and he has trouble walking. Since the stroke, he's really slowed down mentally.

"He also developed epilepsy so there's the risk of him having seizures too," Kirroshnie told the portal.

During this period, her mother stepped up by selling books in schools, but the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement restrictions put a stop to that.

Kirroshnie and her family are now forced to rely on her father's disability allowance of about RM1,000 a month, as well as savings and loans, but the funds are quickly drying up.

The aspiring doctor now stands the risk of not fulfilling her dreams as she owes about RM30,000 in tuition fees to the SEGi University, Sarawak campus, where she studies. On top of this, she also has this year's RM45,000 bill, and the accommodation fees in Sarawak to worry about.

"If I can just finish and become a doctor, it will be a huge relief for me and my family. During my housemanship, my salary with allowances would be around RM4,000, so I'll be able to support the family.

"I've tried getting some sponsors, and some of them event as far as speaking to the university, but it didn't come through. I'm running out of options," Kirroshnie told FMT.

This is the second time money troubles had risked her doctor ambitions, after she was suspended in 2019 for similar problems. She was reinstated after raising enough money to pay a portion of her tuition fees.

If you wish to help Kirroshnie, send a WhatsApp message to FMT's Helpline at 019-3899839.

Source: FMT
Photo source: FMT