Not many of us will remember the neighbourhood bread seller, let alone acknowledge him on a personal level.

But that's not the case with L Muniandy, who has been selling bread in Balik Pulau, Penang, the past 30 years.

He has had his figure conjured up as a giant mural on a building wall, thanks to his friendly and humble nature.

Street artist and Balik Pulau native Acit Raman Abdullah recently shared the story of how Muniandy's face came to adorn the wall, as part of the Balik Pulau Festival.

Acit recently took to Facebook to share his fond memories of growing up with Muniandy, and how the latter, despite all these years, still remembers Acit's antics of doodling on the ground when he was a kid.

Muniandy even knew where Acit's house was, back in the day, and how his mother used to exchange coins with him in the past.

According to Acit, Muniandy is sort of a "legend" in the area, and is renowned among the residents there for his friendly behaviour towards all races.

Despite his hardship, Muniandy has managed to raise his children to be doctor and a lawyer. The third child is studying to be a chemical engineer, wrote Acit.

Acit approached Muniandy to ask if his friend and fellow artist Andhar A Samah can do a mural of him and now, the artwork adorns the wall of a building at postcode 11000 in Balik Pulau.

It depicts Muniandy selling bread to a couple of children, off his trusty old motorcycle.

Acit also proposed for Muniandy to be made an icon for Merdeka or Malaysia Day this year.

Bravo, uncle Muniandy! He has proved that humility and trustworthiness can take one a long way!

Source: The Malay Mail
Photo source: Andhar A Samah Facebook