Local Tamil film Ennaval has won the Best Crime Thriller Feature Film (Jury Award) at this year's Toronto International Tamil Film Festival.

The thriller, which is the directorial debut of award-winning music composer Saran Z, is currently available on Astro on demand.

According to Genieworkz Studios, which produced Ennaval, the film is inspired by "many real-life characters and events", and portrays the significance of trust and communication in a relationship.

Saran said he ventured into filmmaking as he wanted to make a film that allow audiences "to feel and reflect themselves in their relationship - in terms of their commitment, communication and loyalty."

Ennaval, starring C. Kumaresan, Sangeetha Krishnasamy and Vasanth Sarna, among others, was released in cinemas on Sept 26,2019, and received positive reviews for its screenplay, the story's originality, songs, plot twists and the cast member's performance.

The Toronto International Tamil Film Festival is an annual event that showcases over 100 short and feature films from around the world. Its jury members include filmmakers and artistes from Chennai, India, as well as Tamil journalists and lecturers in the entertainment industry from Canada and the US, reported The Star.

Kudos to the Ennaval team on this impressive win! You can catch the film now on Astro on demand.

Photo source: Genieworkz Studios