The COVID-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO) enforced to contain it has caused the loss of income of many, and temples are no exception to this.

Faced with dwindling donations during the MCO, the 91-year-old Sri Subramaniar Temple in Tampoi, Johor, has found a way to generate income - opening a car wash on a piece of land behind the temple.

"We believe this is a first in Johor where a car wash is fully operated and managed by a Hindu temple.

"This is a timely effort as we are planning to renovate next year, as Hindu temples usually undergo refurbishment every 12 years," the temple chairman K Arumugam was quoted telling The Star.

According to Arumugam, besides conducting prayers and religious activities, the temple also held community outreach programmes to help the needy, as well as health awareness and educational programmes for the youth, and senior citizens.

These include providing groceries to B40 families, and also wheelchairs and beds to patients with chronic illnesses, among others.

A smart move indeed. Kudos to the temple management for finding a way to sustain itself instead of fully relying on the public's mercy, during tough times like this.

Source: The Star
Photo source: Facebook