Indian weddings are known for being colourful, loud, and blingy affairs - at least until the COVID-19 pandemic came along.

Unperturbed with a positive diagnosis just hours before a scheduled wedding, a woman in the village of Baran in Rajasthan, India, proceeded to get hitched to her man, with both clad in protective suits from head to toe.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the COVID quarantine centre in Baran, on Sunday, reported Reuters.

Instead of colourful, dazzling sarees and suits, and jewellery, the bride and groom, who were not named, both wore blue hazmat suits, visors and face masks.

The priest, who was also clad in a white hazmat suit and a matching hood, chanted Hindu scriptures while the man and wife exchanged wedding garlands before walking around the holy fire to officiate the union.

According to Reuters, the bride was admitted to the quarantine centre after she and a family member tested positive for the coronavirus.

Both the bride and groom were placed in isolation at the centre after the ceremony concluded. For the record, India, with over 9.7 million infections and more than 140,000 deaths, has the world's second highest COVID-19 caseload in the world, after the US.

The coronavirus has done little to stop love from being unionized, around the world.

Late last month, a couple in the US exchanged vows fairy tale style, with the bride, who tested positive for the virus just days before the wedding, sitting by the window of a two-storey building, while the groom stood beneath her on the front yard.

Source: Reuters
Photo source: Reuters