At a time where many Indian parents are hesitant about sending their children to Tamil school, a Malay couple have enrolled their daughter into one.

Come Thursday, Alifdin Latif, 28, and Nurul Fadznie Ashikin Hairul, 27, will be sending their 7-year-old daughter Siti Nur Husna Alifdin, to Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) in Karak, Pahang, as they want her to master other languages, reported Sinar Harian.

"My husband and I do not mind our daughter going to a vernacular school, as she will get to master another language and will get an upper hand in communication.

"The decision was also in line with the wish of my mother-in-law, Sharifah Ismail, 60, for her grandchildren to master other languages," Nurul Fadznie was quoted telling the Malay daily.

Husna will not be the first child in the family to be receiving vernacular education. She already has a cousin going to a Chinese school.

To prepare their daughter for Tamil school education, the couple had sent Husna to a kindergarten which used Tamil as the medium.

"She (Husna) was the only Malay student in the kindergarten, and it's the same in this school," said the mother.

According to Nurul Fadznie further, Husna, who is the eldest of her three children, has no trouble learning in Tamil and blending in with Indian friends.

"Husna has always been friendly, since her kindergarten days, and she is capable of communicating in Tamil, although she is not yet fluent in the language.

"My husband and I have thus far, not heard any criticism against the decision to send our children to a Tamil school. In fact, relatives and neighbours have been very supportive of the move," she added.

Just like Husna, the couple plans to send their two other children to either religious or vernacular schools, so that they can master different sets of skills.

Source: Sinar Harian
Photo source: Sinar Harian