Malaysia has been ranked as the fourth top spot for expatriates to live and work abroad in 2021.

This according to a survey conducted among 12,420 expatriats by Internations, a Munich-based expat network which has about four million members.

Taiwan, Mexico and Costa Rica ranked the top three, respectively, based on their cost of living, ease of settling in, and overall quality of life, reported Bloomberg.

The other countries in the top 10 list include Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, Canada, and Vietnam.

Singapore managed 13th placing while India placed in the bottom 10, at number 51 out of 59 countries in the list.

The other places which made the bottom of the list include Kuwait, Italy, and South Africa. The United States placed in the middle, at 34th rank.

It is worth noting that the survey was conducted in January this year, and the opinions/sentiments, may or may not have changed by now.

Please refer here for the full survey.

Source: Bloomberg,