The Statistics Department of Malaysia recently released the latest figures in the country.

These are the key takeaways from the statistics, based on the 2020 census, that you ought to know:

Latest as of 2020: 32,447,385
Average annual population growth rate: 1.7 per cent
Citizens: 29.8 million
Non-citizens : 2.3 million

Population by age group
0-14-years-old: 7.8 million
15-64-years-old: 22.5 million
65-years-old and above: 2.2 million

Population by gender
Male: 17 million
Female: 15.5 million
Sex ratio : 110 males to 100 females

Number of households
Increased to 8.4 million from 6.4 million in 2010
Average private household size is 3.8, down from 4.2 recorded in 2010

Citizens by ethnic group
Bumiputera: 69.4 per cent
Chinese: 24.5 per cent
Indians: 6.7 per cent
Others: 0.7 per cent

In this category, it is worth noting that the percentage of the Chinese and Indian ethnic groups have gone down by 1.3 per cent and 1.4 per cent respectively, compared to 10 years ago, while the Others group have remained at 0.7. Only the Bumiputera group have grown over the last decade by about two per cent.

Population demography
Urban: 75.1 per cent (up five per cent from 70.9 per cent in 2010)
Rural: 24.9 per cent (down about four per cent from 29.1 per cent in 2010)

Population by religion
Islam: 63.5 per cent
Buddhism: 18.7 per cent
Christianity: 9.1 per cent
Hinduism: 6.1 per cent
Others: 0.9 per cent
No religion/unknown: 1.8 per cent

Population by marital status
Married: 55.5 per cent
Never married: 34 per cent
Widowed: 3.8 per cent
Divorced/separated: 1.6 per cent

The top five populous states are Selangor (6.99 million), followed by Johor (4 million), Sabah (3.42 million), Perak (2.5 million), and Sarawak (2.45 million).

The five most densely populated states are Kuala Lumpur (8,175/ km²), followed by Putrajaya (2,215/ km²), Penang (1,659/ km²), Labuan (1,034/ km²), and Selangor (880/ km²).

These are just some of the numbers for your benefit. For more you can refer to the official charts released on the Statistic Department's official Facebook page, below:

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