Malaysian Kalwant Singh has been executed in Singapore this morning for drug trafficking.

This comes after the Singapore Court of Appeal's dismissal of the 32-year-old's final appeal yesterday.

Singaporean human rights activist Kirsten Han confirmed the execution, saying the deceased's family has been handed his belongings and death certificate, reported The Vibes.
Kalwant was arrested when he was just 23, and had languished in prison for the last nine years, for being in possession of 60.15gm of diamorphine and trafficking 120.9gm of the drug into the island republic.

In filing the bid yesterday, Kalwant's lawyer Too Xing Ji had argued that Kalwant had given information to Singapore Narcotics Bureau (CNB) about a suspect who was eventually arrested.

The CNB, however, said that the information that led to the suspect's arrest was the result of investigations into an unrelated case.

Also hanged this morning was Singaporean Norasharee Gous, who was arrested in relation to the same case. Another co-accused involved in the same case has been sentenced to life imprisonment and 15 strokes of the cane, after he was granted a certificate of substantive assistance by the police.

It is worth noting that Malaysian Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam was hanged in Singapore on April 27 for drug trafficking, amid international backlash.

Source: FMT, The Vibes, Twitter
Photos source: Hindustan Times, BFM