Lately, it has become a norm for people to carry photographs of their deceased loved ones during family functions, as a symbolic gesture of the latter's presence.

However, a businessman in India has taken it one step further by commissioning a realistic silicone statue of his wife, smiling while clad in a bright pink and gold saree and decked in gold jewellery, at the housewarming ceremony at their new home in Koppal, Karnataka, recently.

In photos that have since gone viral on social media, the man, Shrinivas Gupta, can be seen seated with the incredibly lifelike status of his late wife Madhavi, who was killed in a car crash in 2017. The couple's two daughters are also seen at the ceremony.

As for the reason of having his wife's likeness at the ceremony, Shrinivas has been quoted saying that this was because the new residence had been Madhavi's dream home, hence, they had to have her there.

"It's a great feeling to have my wife again at my home, as this was her dream home," he was quoted telling Asia News International.

As per reports, Madhavi's statue was made according to Madhavi's exact height and physique by 'Gombe Mane' artistes in Bengaluru, a few months ahead of the ceremony.

The viral photos have raised many eyebrows on the internet, with netizens raining praises on Srinivas' undying love for his wife, and the sculptor's skills as well.

Such a sweet gesture by Srinivas indeed.

It is so heartwarming to read about the widower's love for his late wife, even after so many years.

May Madhavi continues to watch over and bless the family that have her eternally etched in their hearts.

Source: New Indian Express, Asia News International.
Photo source: New Indian Express, the news minute