We have heard of, or read about a lot of bizarre reasons for couples getting divorced.

A recent case in Dubai deserves a spot in the list. A Syrian man reportedly divorced his wife after she filmed him doing household chores and shared the video on TikTok with a song that suggested he was under her control.

According to Gulf News, the song in question is 'Mesaytara', by Syrian Singer Lamis Kan. The title of the song translates to 'I am dominant', or 'I will control you.'

‘I am dominant; you will be ruled under my strict instructions; ‘I will drive you crazy if you look at other girls on the street; ‘Yes, I’m dominant; ‘You’re my piece of sugar; ‘As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command; ‘I’m arrogant, I’m arrogant' go some lines in the song, said the report.

The woman in question had reportedly filmed the man washing the dishes at home, and uploaded it on TikTok with the supposedly offensive song, and once he noticed the video, the man is said to have lost his temper before filing for divorce.

For the record, this is not the first time the particular song had broken matrimonial ties.

Earlier this year in Iraq, a groom divorced his bride after he found the woman grooving to the song at their wedding ceremony.

A similar incident happened in Jordan last year.

Source: Gulf News
Photo source: Gulf News via AFP