A man who brutally assaulted a young woman after she honked at him for blocking her path, has been fined RM2,000.

The victim's brother, who goes by the name Snow Kwong, recently related his sister's ordeal in a post on his Facebook page, which has since gone viral.

According to him, the incident happened about 8pm on Wednesday night at the Amadesa Resort Condominium in Taman Desa Petaling, when his sister was driving to her lot at the car park.

There she found a dark blue Mercedez Benz obstructing her path, and after waiting for a few minutes, she started honking. The car eventually moved, but the woman's ordeal was far from over.

As she was walking to the lobby, the man confronted her, asking if she was the one who had honked at him, Kwong related.

When she replied in the affirmative, the man became enraged and grabbed the woman's hair, while raining punches on her head and face. Terrified, the woman ran and hid behind a car, before calling her father for help.

The beating left the victim with bad bruises and bleeding on her lips and gums as she was wearing braces. She also suffered from swelling on her head and a headache after the episode.

The security guard at the condominium later brought down the suspect and his two sons to the scene while the victim was awaiting the police's arrival there.

According to him, the suspect tried justifying his dastardly act by saying that the victim "deserved the beating" for honking at him.

At this juncture, the suspect had a chopping knife hidden on his waist band, a photo of which Kwong had put up on the Facebook post. He allegedly threw the chopper away when the police came.

Kwong said that after the victim lodged a report, the man's sons had apologised to her and asked her not to press charges, as their father was "stressed" during the attack.

Meanwhile, the suspect, who runs a restaurant, was fined a mere RM2,000 by a court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt, under Section 323 of the Penal Code, Cheras police chief Mokhsein Mohamed Zon has confirmed.

Watch how the disturbing attack unfolded below: