A youth in India livestreamed his suicide after his girlfriend left him and got engaged to another man.

Shyam Sikarwar, who goes by the name Raj, hung himself inside a temple in Agra, and streamed the gruesome scene on Facebook live. He also left a four-page suicide note detailing the reason behind his suicide.

On the suicide note, the 22-year-old apologized to his family and requested them to donate his organs. Furthermore, he requested the authorities to not to take any action against anyone over his death.

He further explained in the note that he's unable to overcome the fact that the love of his life will be tying the knot with someone else, and the stress has caused him to lose his job.

Following his Facebook Live, residents discovered his body at the temple premise and his family members deactivated his Facebook to ensure the video doesn't circulate online.

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Source: DailyMail
Image Credit: DailyMail