People generally get married out of love, and file for divorce due to differences with their spouses.

But a man in Taipei, Taiwan, has married the same woman four times, and divorced her three times - all in a span of just 37 days, for the sake of getting extended paid leave.Taiwanese law accords eight days of paid leave for marriage.

According to a Times Now News report, the bizarre incident unfolded when the man got secured an eight-day leave for his marriage in April 6 last year. Once he exhausted the marriage leave, the man divorced his wife and married her again the very next day to secure another eight days of leave, said the report.

The bank clerk then repeated this act - marrying the same woman four times, and divorcing her thrice - for the sake of applying for a total of 32 days in paid leave for marriage.

It did not take long for the bank to sniff out his plan and refuse to grant him extra paid leaves beyond the eight days for the first marriage. Despite the bank's refusal to grant leave, the man decided to go ahead with his plan of marrying the same woman four times and divorcing three times, anyway.

The man then filed a case against his employers at the Taipei City Labour Court Bureau, accusing them of breaking the law by not abiding Article 2 of the Labour Leave Rules.

Surprisingly, the city's Labour Bureau investigated the matetr and ruled that the employer had indeed violated the Labour Law by not giving the man leave, and fined the bank NT$20,000 (RM2,915) in October last year.

The bank then filed an appeal against the ruling, saying that the employee had maliciously abused his marriage leave.

On April 10 this year, the Beishi Labour Bureau upheld the previous ruling, saying that while the clerk's conduct was unethical, he had not broken the law by marrying and divorcing the same woman multiple times to get leave.

The bizarre case has raised eyebrows on the social media, with netizens expressing disbelief at such a loophole in Taiwan's law.

Photo source: pexels