"If you're searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look into the mirror," goes a famous quote about self love.

A Brazilian man seems to have taken this quote literally, as he recently married himself following a break up with his fiancé.

According to India Times, Dr Diogo Rabelo was supposed to have gotten married to his fiance Vitor Bueno last month, after getting engaged in November last year. However, the couple split last July following a series of arguments.

Not willing to call off his "dream wedding", Rabelo proceeded with the ceremony by the beach, a resort in Itacare, Bahia, on Oct 16.

About 40 guests were present when Rabelo said "I do" to his image in the mirror. Images and videos from the ceremony has since gone viral on social media, and been picked up by various local and international news outlets.

"Today is one of the happiest days of my life, as I'm with he people I love the most in this life, celebrating what could be a tragedy, but made it a comedy.

"The message I wanted to send to people with this marriage of mine is not that of a victim, I do not depend on a marriage to be happy. I do want to marry someone else, and I want to have children, but my happiness cannot depend on that," the ecstatic groom was quoted saying by LADbible.

Source: India Times, LADbible
Photo source: Instagram