It is often said that desperation can make a person go to extreme lengths.

A man in India has done just that, albeit vertically, after he grew tired of his wife's nagging.

Gulf News reported that Tejpal Singh from Pakwara in Uttar Pradesh, climbed to the top of a mobile tower and refused to entertain calls from the gathered crowd, to come down.

The distraught husband only scaled down the tower after the local authorities and the police came and slow-talked him into doing so.

"I'm tired of my wife. She's always trying to frame me with false accusations. The police are not listening to me (complaints).

"I feel like ending this relationship," Tejpal was quoted saying, referring to the marriage to his second wife.

According to the local police, Tejpal and his wife are known to frequently quarrel over various issues.

The incident has created a buzz on Twitter, with some cracking jokes over Tejpal's predicament, and others saying they can relate to his suffering.

Source: Gulf News
Photo source: Asian News International Twitter