Beware the next time you pull out your mobile phones to take photos or record videos at roadblocks to demonise the men in blue during the Movement Control Order (MCO), as it may land you in trouble, the country's top cop has warned.

"I want to stress that police presence at the roadblocks throughout the country is not conducted for the fun of curbing movement or to incovenience the public.

"They are carrying out a noble mission with the objective of breaking the COVID-19 infection chain to save the people," Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador was quoted telling Bernama.

Hamid, however, did not specify the course of action that can be taken against those who deliberately take photos or record videos of cops at roadblocks to cast a bad light on the latter.

Cops on duties at roadblocks are also required to strictly adhere to standing operating procedures and social distancing measures, he added.

This includes wearing a mask and gloves, and using hand sanitisers, as well as not standing too close to, or touching any part of a vehicle when checking on it.

"They can only ask the driver where he is going to, and after that, my men have to clean their hands," he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hamid told NST that 44 policemen had tested positive for COVID-19, while 900 had been put on home quarantine.

According to him further, 99% Malaysians, whom he hailed as "national heroes", have been obeying the MCO.

Strict action awaits those who flout the MCO, Abdul Hamid warned.

The MCO was implemented starting March 18 and was extended to April 14.

COVID-19 has infected 3,793 people in Malaysia, and killed 62, as of Monday.

Globally, the disease has affected over 1.3 million people, and more than 74,000 people have died from it.

Source: Bernama, NST
Photo source: Astro Awani