One would least expect fresh produce, like fish, being sold via mobile phone apps and delivered to one's front door, but thanks to Grab’s #TechUntukSemua initiative, this has been made possible.

This is the story of Shahjahan Asan Aliar, a fishmonger at the Chowrasta wet market in Penang, whose business has found a second lease of life after a sizeable plunge during the Movement Control Order (MCO), after he resorted to using the app.

According to Shahjahan, fishmongering is a business he took after his father.

He was just 10 when he started helping his father around the market, and in return, he would get paid 10 sens for his efforts.

Watching how the man operated the stall, Shahjahan fell in love with the business.

Having dropped out of studies, Shahjahan tried his hand at different trades, as far as Kuala Lumpur and even Singapore, but nothing gave him the satisfaction of doing what he did, growing up.

Hence, Shahjahan returned "home" to sell fish, as he puts, "not for the money, but to learn from my father."

His stall at the market was always teeming with people, but neither he, nor his father compromised on quality of the produce. Only the best catches are sold in his stall, Shahjahan stressed.

Things went downhill when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the first MCO was enforced to contain it, last year.

Shahjahan's business plunged by a staggering half, but bills still needed to be paid, and life had to go on.

"It couldn't be avoided, but we needed to find a way to help ourselves, and with the help of Grab, we could do that.

"Not many fishmongers think they will benefit from using apps or technology in their business. Maybe they' re not literate, or lack confidence," he said.

However, a businessperson has to keep up with the times, or risk losing out, he added.

"So I knew working with Grab was the right thing to do.

"Learning how to use the app was not difficult and now we can supply to the whole of Penang, and make even more people satisfied with good quality fish. That is the secret to a successful business - happy customers," Shahjahan quipped.

You too can help small businesses thrive, by ordering from local sellers like Shahjahan's Gerai Ikan at Chowrasta market in Penang, from the comfort of your own home, on Grabmart.

Grab is committed to the cause of getting small business owners to embrace technology to sustain themselves via the #TechUntukSemua initiative. This tech can really ensure that is no one is left behind in today’s fast-moving world.