A normal human can probably go without having a bath for a couple of days before they start stinking to high heavens.

However, a 62-year-old man from Baikunthpur village in Bihar, India, has made headlines for not bathing for a whopping 22 years!

Dharamdev Ram stopped bathing at the age of 40 after vowing not to do so until crimes against women, land disputes, and killing of animals completely stop.

"In 1975, I worked in a factory in a factory in Jagdal, Bengal, got married in 1978 and led a normal life. But in 1987, I realised that land disputes, the killing of animals and atrocities against animals had started increasing," he was quoted saying, reported Times Now News.

Dharamdev approached a spiritual 'Guru' who took him as a disciple and advised him to take up the path of devotion.

In the year 2000, Dharamdev quit from his job, and stopped bathing. He has not let a single drop of water touch his body despite the deaths of his wife and two sons since he took his vow.

Surprisingly, despite the poor hygiene, Dharamdev does not appear to have any disease and seem to be in good health for a man his age.

Village residents confirmed that Dharamdev has not indeed taken a bath for over two decades.

What do you think? Is Dharamdev's decision for a noble cause, justified, or should he give up already?

Source: Times Now News
Photo source: Oddity Central