Admiration for a football club is often like unrequited one-sided love in a Tamil movie.

You can be a diehard fan of a team for life, and they wouldn't even notice it.

But this is not the case for Ganeswaran Segar, 29, a die hard fan of Liverpool F.C since 2004.

The self-taught artist from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, painted his favourite football club and the club's assistant manager is now interested in buying the painting!

Ganeswaran began work on the artwork, called The Six, last June, and took 11 months to meticulously depict Liverpool's 2019 Champion's League triumph, using pencils, color pencils, and watercolor, as the medium.

He then sent a video of his masterpiece to the Liverpool F.C management, but never in his wildest dream he did imagine he will hear back from the club. (Check out the painting below):

Ganeswaran was then contacted by the club's head of news, James Carroll, saying the club's assistant manager Pepijn Lijnders is interested in buying the painting!

The price tag on the artwork is still under negotiation and Ganeswaran hopes to sell it soon.

Besides sealing the "real deal", Ganeswaran's painting was also featured as the main atrraction at the newly launched Boot Room at Navigator's Restaurant Bar & Bistro at Jaya One, which is the Malaysian version of an original outlet at Anfield -the home of Liverpool.

Congratulations to Ganeswaran for this excellent achievement.

He has proven that talent and hardwork do go a long way! Here's wishing him more successes in the future!

You can check out Ganeswaran's artworks on his social media accounts below:




Photo/video source: Ganeswaran social media accounts