A 70-year-old woman has given birth to her first child in Gujarat, India.

Jibuven Rabari, conceived the child, via in vitro fertilization, after unsuccessful attempts at parenthood with her husband of 45 years, Valbhai Rabari, reported India Times.

Last year, the couple, who are both illiterate, were recommended to visit a gynaecologist at a private hospital, and they reportedly decided give it a last shot.

"We've been longing for a child since we married many years ago, but it didn't work for us, but those days are over," the beaming mother was quoted telling the portal.

Dr Naresh Bhanushali, who facilitated and carried out the miraculous birth, said that the IVF method has revolutionised the way infertility is looked at.

"Infertility is no longer a social taboo or a divine curse. It can be treated scientifically," he said, adding that Jibuven agreed to have a shot at the late-age pregnancy after he thoroughly explained the risks involved in the attempt.

The woman spent the duration of her pregnancy under the watchful eyes of the doctors at the hospital, who constantly monitored her vital signs. The miraculous baby was then conceived via a caesarean section.

It was made easier as Jibuven, despite her advanced age, did not have any medical complications like diabetes or hypertension.

On questions about what would happen to the child should his aged parents pass on anytime soon, a relative of the couple said that there are many people in Jibuven's family who are willing to take over the parenting duty.

Source: India Times
Photo source: India Times